Choosing the best worktop for your new kitchen can be challenging with so many worktop materials and options available. However, you can rely on granite worktops if you’re looking for a premium product that will enhance your space. 

If you’re wondering whether granite worktops are good, it’s worth remembering that they are extremely popular with people who want to achieve a premium look in their kitchen. 

Granite kitchen worktops provide a huge number of advantages over other materials, which make it the perfect choice, no matter what kind of kitchen you choose. 

This guide will investigate why granite worktops make an excellent choice and examine their pros and cons to help you decide whether they’re right for your home. 

What is granite?

Granite comes from all over the world, including Cornwall in the UK. It is a natural stone formed deep underground and is created from cooled magma or lava that solidifies into an igneous rock.

The process creates unique designs and colours depending on the exact mineral composition.  Granite usually contains a combination natural materials such as quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase, and it is the quartz that makes it famously hard and beautiful.

Granite is recovered from quarries by blasting and cut by specialised machinery to produce slabs.

Are granite worktops durable?

It’s the durability of granite worktops that makes them a worthwhile investment. On the scale of mineral hardness, granite measures a 6 out of 10, with diamond being a 10, making them a highly durable choice of work surface for any kitchen. It is also one of their key selling points. 

You are unlikely to scratch a granite worktop and may even blunt your knives if you cut directly on the worktop. However, the hardness does mean that you can cause chips if you drop heavy objects onto the surface. 

Are granite worktops stain-resistant?

The simple answer is that granite countertops are stain-resistant if they have been adequately sealed. Granite is a porous material that requires sealing to ensure that it will not absorb split liquids that may stain or damage the surface. 

Your granite worktop will usually come pre-sealed from the factory, but you will need to reseal every few months if you use cleaning products, as they will gradually wear the sealant away.

Don’t let the maintenance of a granite worktop put you off because granite sealants are easy and quick to apply. They are usually sprayed on, left for a minute and then buffed with a soft cloth. The sealant will soak into the stone and offer protection immediately for up to three months.

If you seal your granite worktop properly, it will be easy to clean, and resistant to stains and bacteria over the long-term. 

Are granite worktops heat-resistant?

You may be wondering, are granite worktops heat resistant? The lava cooling process which forms the natural stone, so granite can withstand temperatures up to 648°C. That means a hot pan will not cause thermal shock or cracks to the surface of the worktop. 

Granite worktops are the most heat-resistant of all types of worktops and make an excellent choice for a kitchen. It is essential to remember that you should still protect the surface of your granite worktop as hot pans can damage the sealant. 

Why are granite worktops popular?

Aside from the durability and resistance to heat and stains, people mainly love granite worktops because of their appearance. 

Granite provides a premium, classic look to any kitchen with long-lasting appeal. The natural appearance and polished surface are statement features for any kitchen designs. 

Colour range 

Granite brings an elegant feel as the natural colours shout class. Although you may have fewer choices when it comes to colour, they will all bring a touch of nature into your home, mainly in pink, white, and shades of grey and black.


One of the biggest draws for granite worktops is the unique appearance of every slab. The natural formation brings a unique blend of minerals together to create patterns and looks that will be individual to each piece. 

Granite will complement both traditional and modern kitchens. Whether you have an oak shaker kitchen or a high gloss handleless style, there wil be a granite worktop that works for you. 

Granite also works well in bathrooms as countertops for vanity units.

Are granite worktops worth the cost?

You can expect to pay from £1550 plus VAT for a granite worktop in a small L-shape kitchen. You will spend more for larger kitchens with a peninsular or island.

The cost of granite worktops includes the stone, templating, manufacturing and installation. The total cost for your kitchen will vary between the granite chosen and your exact layout.

The original outlay should be seen as an investment since granite worktops can last for decades. Not only will a granite worktop be an ideal addition to your kitchen now, but its value will be appreciated in the future as it will not date in the same way that other worktop fads might.

Granite worktops can also add value to your home, and estate agents report that they can attract buyers who understand their worth.

Final Thoughts

Now we have looked at all the benefits of having a granite worktop, let’s check whether that makes granite worktops good.

We have expelled some myths that granite is indestructible, but we can see that if looked after and sealed, it is undoubtedly the most durable of worktops.

It really can’t be matched for heat resistance, so it is an obvious choice if that is important to you.

It is worth remembering that a granite worktop can last for many decades, so the original cost can be compared to replacing laminate several times in the same period.

Finally, if you want to invest in an elegant and stylish worktop, you can’t beat the natural appearance of granite. The uniqueness of the natural colours, designs and textures is something other materials cannot quite replicate.

Since the kitchen is considered to be the heart of your home, especially with the current trend for open-plan living, granite is not just a good choice but a great choice for elevating your interior design.

The key to your granite worktops looking good is having them professionally installed and sourced from an experienced supplier. At Mo’s Stonex, we have more than ten years of experience supplying, manufacturing, templating and installing quality worktops.