Everything you need to know about Carrara quartz

Perhaps you’ve heard of Carrara quartz or seen the term used online, but you’re not sure exactly what it means. 

This guide will cover what Carrara quartz is, how it differs from Carrara marble, and the most popular Carrara colours to help you make the right decision for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. 


What is Carrara quartz?

This highly desired quartz is a popular choice for stunning kitchen and bathroom worktops. It usually has a subtle white or soft bluish-grey background with light smokey-grey veins running through it. It’s designed to mimic the elegant and natural Carrara marble it’s based on.

If you’re unsure what quartz is, have a look at our blog ‘How our quartz worktops made’ for more information. 


What is Carrara marble?

Carrara marble gets its name from the region of Carrara, in Tuscany, Italy, where the stone is mined. The natural stone is polished and finished using Italian processing resulting in a high-end luxury worktop. 

The popularity of Carrara marble sparked the production of Carrara quartz as a non-porous and more durable alternative to natural marble worktops.  


What are the differences between Carrara quartz and Carrara marble?

These two materials result in very similar-looking work surfaces, and it can be tricky to choose between the two. Here are the main differences.


Both Carrara marble and Carrara quartz look very similar. Carrara quartz is engineered and manufactured to mimic the look of marble’s natural beauty. This often makes Carrara quartz look more uniform than natural Carrara marble. 

Durability and resistance 

Carrara quartz kitchen work surfaces are non-porous and don’t absorb any liquid or moisture. This makes them highly resistant to stains, unlike marble work surfaces. Carrara quartz work surfaces are durable and long lasting, making them popular for busy kitchens.  

However, Carrara marble is slightly more heat resistant than Carrara quartz due to the formation process of the natural stone. Despite this, it’s best to avoid placing hot pans directly on both quartz and marble surfaces.

Cleaning and maintenance

Carrara quartz is easy to clean and easy to maintain due to its non-porous nature. This means it never needs to be sealed, unlike Carrara marble worktops which must be sealed regularly to keep them in top condition. 

If you choose a Carrara quartz work surface, a soft cloth and mild soap are all you need. For more information on looking after Carrara quartz worktops, look at our blog on cleaning quartz worktops

Carrara marble work surfaces require non-abrasive cleaning products and must be wiped regularly to ensure any spillages don’t stain the natural stone. 


The cost of both materials depends on the exact colour you choose and how rare that colour is. However, Carrara marble is generally more expensive than quartz, especially if you want a white Carrara, which is usually the most expensive colour. 


Popular Carrara Quartz colours

Bianco Carrara quartz (White Carrara quartz)

Bianco or white Carrara quartz is one of the popular choices for elegant kitchen or bathroom worktops. It has a subtle white-grey background with delicate smokey grey veins. Carrara white quartz pairs perfectly with darker colour cabinets and creates an elegant, understated look.

Carrara Misterio quartz

Carrara Misterio quartz worktops have dark grey thick and delicate veins crisscrossing a light grey background mimicking the look of natural marbling. This stunning quartz colour is popular for both kitchen and bathroom work surfaces.

Cloudy Carrara quartz

This unique and impactful quartz colour features a light grey-white background with darker swirls and strokes that look like clouds. Cloudy Carrara quartz pairs perfectly with a wide range of colour palettes and kitchen styles. 


How Mo’s StoneX can help

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