If you’re considering buying a quartz worktop for your kitchen or bathroom, you might be curious about the fitting process. Typically, the kitchen worktop company will handle every aspect of your quartz worktop installation, including templating, fabricating and the final installation. However, it’s still good to have an idea of what the process includes so you can be prepared.

The quartz worktop experts at Mo’s StoneX have put together this guide with everything you need to know. We’ll cover:

  • How long it takes to fit quartz worktops 
  • How the templating process works 
  • How the installation process works 


How long to fit quartz worktops

When you purchase a quartz worktop, the installers will need to visit your home twice. The first time will be to take comprehensive measurements of your existing worktop or kitchen cupboards. These measurements will be used to create a detailed template, which is then used to fabricate your perfectly fitting quartz countertops. A template appointment typically takes 1-3 hours, depending on the design and size of your kitchen. 

After your template appointment, it will typically take up to two weeks for the worktop company to fabricate your new worktop. At Mo’s StoneX, we aim to install your new countertops within 5-6 working days. The installation process usually takes 2-3 hours, but again, this will depend on the size and complexity of your kitchen. 


How does the templating process work

Most worktop companies will offer a free initial quote based on your choice of quartz colour and the approximate dimensions you require. However, to ensure your new worktop fits seamlessly into your existing kitchen, you’ll still need a templating appointment after you’ve purchased your work surface.

At your templating appointment, a skilled worktop technician will visit your home and take measurements of your space. This will either be done using the old-school ‘stick’ method or the modern ‘digital’ method. The ‘stick’ method involves creating a physical template from wood or plastic strips. This method is more prone to error than the ‘digital’ method and takes more time.  

The ‘digital’ templating process uses a high-intensity laser to take measurements, which are then recorded on a laptop or tablet. This method is more accurate and takes less time, so most professional worktop companies will use this process. 

During the templating appointment, the technician will add cutouts, overhangs or backsplashes to your template and record specific details about your worktop design. Professional technicians will measure a second time to ensure the template is fully accurate.

Your template is then sent to the fabrication facility, where a quartz slab is cut to the exact size and shape of the template. It will then be delivered to your home for your installation appointment. 


How to install quartz worktops 

After your quartz worktop has been fabricated according to the template, it’s ready to be installed in your home. 

The worktop installation team will visit your home to install your stunning new work surface. Here’s a breakdown of the quartz worktop installation process:

  1. The surface that the quartz worktop will be placed on is cleaned and prepared so that the adhesive works effectively. 
  2. Your worktop is ‘dry’ fitted. This involves placing the worktops in position without adhesives to ensure they fit correctly.
  3. Once the fit has been checked, adhesive and caulk are added to the base units where the worktop will sit. 
  4. The worktop experts will lift the quartz countertop into its final position.
  5. When positioned correctly, it will gently be lowered on the cabinets while the adhesives are still wet. 
  6. While the adhesive is setting, any excess residue is wiped away, and a colour-matched resin is applied to any joints or seams. 
  7. It’s often recommended to allow the adhesive to set overnight before using your beautiful new quartz stone worktop!


Premium quartz worktops supplied and fitted by Mo’s StoneX

If you’re looking for a professional and experienced quartz worktop supplier, Mo’s StoneX should be your first choice. Our team of worktop experts has over ten years of experience templating, fabricating and installing beautiful, high-quality quartz worktops in many areas across the UK!

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