Dekton is a relatively new material that is exclusively manufactured and shipped over from Spain. But it’s not just the exclusivity that has made it a sought-after product. Dekton has become a popular choice for the fact it comes in an array of colour options compared to other natural stone worktops. Don’t stress though, we are experts when it comes to matching up the right colour with your kitchen or bathroom. This blog will break it down for you to help make the decision easier.


Matching Dekton Colours With Your Colour Scheme

Dekton worktops are formed from natural quartz, porcelain, glass, and other natural materials, using intense heat and pressure to bind the materials. This process allows for some exquisite shades of colour and patterns that feature veins of colour running through the work surface, giving people some fantastic choices for kitchen worktops and bathroom worktops alike.

Dramatic And Dark Or White And Pure

The first thing to think about when deciding on your Dekton colour is selecting a tone that will best suit the colour scheme of your space. We find the golden rule is to contrast your work surfaces with the flooring and walls. If you have gone for lighter-coloured flooring, the best option for your dekton surfaces is one of the black or dark brown tones, contrasted with lighter walls to open up the space but allow the worktops to stand out as a main feature, especially if having an island worktop. Contrary to this, if you are opting for black, grey or dark brown flooring, you want to be looking at the lighter white and brighter dekton colours. However, there’s nothing that says you can’t break the golden rule and have white countertops with white floors and walls – the same for dark colours too!

Popular Dekton Colours

The most popular dekton colours are the styles that have a dark outer space apparel, rustic dark chocolate or mocha look, or white with gold effect. You only have to take one look at the three most popular colour options to see why they are a go-to choice for so many.

Dekton Laurent

Dekton Laurent is inspired by the natural marble stone Port Laurent. This stunning colour option features a vivid black background with the same characteristic gold and brown veins running through it, that you find in the natural marble. As you can imagine, this colour option creates a dramatic and elegant look when contrasted against brighter lighter walls. If you want a modern and luxurious look to your space, then Laurent should definitely be on your list of potentials.

Dekton Entzo

In contrast to Dekton Laurent, Dekton Entzo is a pale white colour of dekton that is crisscrossed with intense gold veins inspired by Calacatta Gold marble. This colour provides a perfect, sharp look that compliments any minimalistic and modern designed kitchen, and a clean-looking worktop to make a bathroom feel larger and hygienic. 

Dekton Trilium

If you are looking to design a space with an industrial or rustic feel, a popular choice is Dekton Trillium. This colour of Dekton is made from up to 80% recycled material.

It features dark grey and black tones inspired by volcanic rocks, perfect for that aged stone look or bringing the outside inside.

Outside The Box

With all this said though, your choice doesn’t have to be so black and white (no pun intended!). If you are looking for something completely different, dekton also comes in colours that will bring a totally different vibe to any kitchen or bathroom space, colours such as Danae which has subtle pink undertones, or Sasea which is slightly cream-yellow.


Explore The Range

Don’t just take these suggestions into consideration and make your decision without discovering all the fantastic colours dekton can come in. Like with buying anything for your home, the best thing to do is to browse the entire range first so you are sure you have seen all your options. Feel free to explore our dekton styles on our website, pop into our showroom or contact us to arrange a home visit for a time that suits you. Our online example pages also give you a full rundown of the benefits of choosing dekton and why it is quickly becoming such a popular choice.

Professionally Installed

Get a quote today and let the experts at Mo’s Stone X professionally install your dekton worktops. As well as getting free range of the brilliant choice of styles we offer, if we install the dekton for you, it comes with a 25-year warranty.