How to Clean Quartz Worktops

The chances are that if you have invested in a quartz worktop, you will have excellent taste and extremely high standards. However, looking after your new worktop is vital if you want it to remain gleaming in your dream kitchen.

You will have chosen quartz because it looks incredible and is also renowned for being hard-wearing. Its superior reputation might lead you to believe that cleaning will not pose a problem, but there is something you should know.

Cleaning your quartz worktop wrong could mean you end up with some scratches and even lose some of that beautiful shine that attracted you in the first place.

To help you avoid any pitfalls, this easy-to-follow guide will show you how to clean quartz worktops and keep them in pristine condition.

4 Simple Steps for Keeping Your Quartz Worktop Clean

1. Clean up crumbs and residue from the surface daily. Don’t let them build up.

2. Wipe away spillages immediately using a microfibre cloth and water.

3. Always dry the surface after cleaning. Use a second clean microfibre cloth in a circular motion to retain the gorgeous shine.

4. Tackle dried stains with a purpose-built cleaning product for quartz.

These guidelines will ensure that you keep your worktops in excellent condition for a long time.

Now let’s examine in more detail how to keep your quartz worktops looking good and what products are best.

Develop Good Habits for Keeping Your Quartz Worktop Clean

Quartz worktops are indeed relatively maintenance-free and easy to clean, but taking care of them is the surest way to guarantee long-lasting beauty.

Cleaning them is not complex, but it is best to establish a routine. Regular care will avoid stains and scratches.

All you need to do is ensure that your surface is cleaned daily so that crumbs and spills are not left to cause any damage or staining.

Spills left overnight can lead to stains, especially if the spill is acidic. So, for example, tomato ketchup, red wine or tea bags risk staining if left to dry on the surface.

Getting into the habit of wiping up spills immediately is the best way to guarantee a stain-free surface. Similarly, a build-up of crumbs can cause scratches, so get rid of them as soon as you spot them.

At the very least, wipe your surface with a damp cloth every evening before bedtime and dry with a second microfibre cloth to keep the shine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning a Quartz Worktop
What products should you use to clean your quartz worktop?

The best product to use on quartz? Water!

Water is safe to use and highly effective at removing spills from your worktop. Most of the time, water will be enough to keep your surface clean, but if you want something more, you must avoid the following products.

Never Use:

Strong chemicals such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid or paint stripper


Vinegar or lemon juice

Baking Soda

These harsh products can affect the resin that forms the compound with quartz and cause it to break down, leading to stains and increasing the risk of scratches.

Method makes a granite cleaner that can be used on quartz, and they also say you can use their multi-surface cleaner safely. They recommend you avoid their antibacterial spray as it is too acidic.

Thankfully, due to the non-porous nature of quartz, bacteria are less likely to remain on surfaces that have been wiped with a clean cloth.

Some specialist quartz cleaners will remove stubborn marks and add some sealant.

If in doubt, ask your professional quartz supplier to give you some advice.

What cloth should I use to clean a quartz worktop?

You have probably worked out by now that you must avoid anything abrasive on your quartz, including metal scouring pads.

Our best advice is to stick with microfibre cloths: one for cleaning and one for drying. Used with a drop of water, a microfibre cloth is great at removing even difficult stains without causing harm to the surface or the environment.

Buffing the surface with a dry cloth will ensure you do not get unsightly watermarks that tarnish the shine.

Can quartz worktops stain?

Unlike other natural stone surfaces, quartz is a composite material which means that the natural quartz is combined with a resin to provide an almost entirely non-porous product.

While the composition makes it more resilient to stains than other natural stones, there may be occasions when you have forgotten to clear up a spill or missed some dropped food or drink that causes a stain on the surface.

Particularly on light-coloured quartz worktops, this can lead to you ending up with a stain that is tricky to remove.

How do I remove a stain from a quartz worktop?

Always start gently by trying to work at a stain with a microfibre cloth and some water. Sometimes just a little elbow grease is enough to remove a stubborn mark.

If that is unsuccessful, you can try a proprietary quartz cleaner to remove the stain. Use one recommended by your supplier or try the Method Granite Cleaner.

You can use a sponge non-scratch scourer to help you work at the stain as this will not cause any scratches. Do not be tempted to use anything abrasive.

Can I use bleach on my quartz worktop?

Bleach is a popular household product for beating bacteria and cleaning. However, the chemicals in bleach are particularly harmful to quartz worktops.

Bleach can cause the breakdown of the resins that hold the quartz together, leaving the surface vulnerable to stains from spillages.

Fortunately, quartz is resistant to bacteria as the surface is non-porous if well looked after.

Can I use limescale remover on my quartz worktop?

Limescale is caused by hard water leaving traces of minerals that cause an unsightly and difficult to remove problem. It is prevalent around taps.

You can recognise limescale by its distinct crusty appearance.

Most of us use limescale cleaners to remove the unsightly build-up, but if the limescale is on your quartz worktop, you must avoid them as they are acidic and will cause permanent damage to the surface.

For more information on how to clean limescale from a quartz worktop, see here.

Now you know how easy it is to look after a quartz worktop. If you want to know more about our exciting range of quality quartz worktops, get in touch with us at Mo’s StoneX.