How To Cut Quartz Worktops

Out of all the choices for a kitchen worktop design, a strong player in the field (for all the right reasons!) is quartz. Quartz worktops have a distinct elegance. A properly selected and fitted quartz worktop can be the finishing touch that perfectly completes a stylish kitchen, but you have to know how to cut such a stout and durable material in order for it to have full effect. Rest assured, the kitchen worktop specialists at Mo’s Stone X have you covered when it comes to achieving that perfect cut.    

Cutting Quartz Worktops

Technically speaking, quartz is a natural stone made of rich minerals. However, unlike marble, granite, and soapstone, quartz countertops are categorised as a man-made product. Harvesting pieces of quartz and producing craftable quartz slabs for use on kitchen and bathroom worktops is a process that requires machinery. Cutting it correctly for use in a home requires a special touch and the right tools.


To cut quartz countertops we use equipment that is strong enough to slice the stone whilst producing a clean and sharp cut to ensure a precise and beautiful finish. The secret to a perfect cut is diamond, and we cut our quartz with a diamond saw blade.

Safety As Well As Style

With handling tools such as an angle grinder, and with slicing hard, durable stone such as quartz, it is of course important to take safety precautions. Our expert installers would never install a worktop without wearing protective gear such as industry-grade gloves and protective eyewear. If you choose Mo’s Stone X to cut and install your quartz kitchen worktops you are guaranteed the installation will be carried out to the highest safety standards and this reflects in the quality of the finished product. If you opt for quartz, the next step is deciding the style of worktop you require.     


Quartz Worktop Cut To Size

Once you have chosen the quartz style you want to go with for your kitchen or bathroom facelift, there’s the type of cut to consider too. We do not cut corners when it comes to finding the right match – no pun intended! We work with your kitchen and/or bathroom and cut to size. We cut to best match the space and the function of the worktop.

Edge Profiles

One of the first things to decide on when cutting a quartz worktop is the edging of the worktop. When we say bespoke we mean it. We offer nine different edge profiles to select from: Single Bevel, Double Bevel, Single Pencil, Double Pencil, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Concorde, Shark’s Nose, and Square Polish. The edging of the countertop can be rounded off to produce a softer, subtle end that makes for a breakfast bar area that you can manoeuvre around without catching any sharp corners. The sharper straight-edged cuts such as the square polish make for a sharp, distinguished look that is perfect for an island worktop that dominates as the key feature to a kitchen layout. Finally, the concord edge profile allows for a worktop to be cut to fit a corner of the kitchen to conserve space. 

Shaping Options

Cutting a quartz worktop so it works with your chosen area, and so it best suits its function is crucial to achieving the perfect finish. We cut in a variety of different shaping options from different degrees of rounding off corners to fine edging worktops into T-shaped counters with a square breakfront.


With the shape of the cut and the edging style sorted, another thing that can be considered, if a worktop is to feature a sink, is making the appropriate cutouts. Our expert team is well-versed in making precise cutouts to quartz worktops so that your counter can seamlessly accommodate a sink or hob. 


Selecting The Right Worktops For You 

You might have noticed that we have not advised cutting a quartz worktop yourself. This is because it takes specialised tools and a level of experience and precision you may not have. However, we do suggest getting a feel for what worktop finish you are looking for or ask for a consultation visit. This can help to best plan how your worktops will need cutting, in order to achieve the best fit for your kitchen or bathroom. If you decide quartz is not quite for you, we also have the options of granite and dekton worktops too. If you want some inspiration, feel free to check out our advice and inspiration page to spark your creativity.

How Mo’s StoneX can help

Here at Mo’s StoneX we have an experienced team with over 10 years in the industry. We are experts in supplying, manufacturing, templating, and installing luxury worktops across England. For a trusted service contact us today for a free quote or simply get in touch with your questions and we will happily advise!