Granite worktops are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches or damage, as they’re a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. However, it’s not impossible for granite scratches to appear. With daily food preparation, cleaning routines, and cooking, it’s natural that your work surfaces can begin to show some wear, although it is rare. 


Because granite is a natural stone, when it does happen, scratches on a granite countertop can be noticeable and frustrating when you’ve invested in your home space.


Fortunately, scratches can be removed from granite worktops in a few ways. Here’s how to fix scratched granite worktops:


Granite worktop scratch repair

Soapy water

 It’s best to begin with soapy water because it’s gentle and less abrasive than the alternative methods. Take a soft cloth and some soapy, warm water and apply some pressure to the scratch. Scrub it for a few minutes and if it’s a small and shallow scratch, it should disappear.


If this doesn’t work, or if it’s a deeper scratch, keep on reading.


Steel wool

You may have found that using soapy water simply cleaned the surface instead of removing the scratch. So, while the granite is still damp you should use steel wool pads at grade 0000 steel to buff the surface in circular motions.


Be careful not to press too firmly and don’t use wool that’s too coarse as this may further damage your granite countertop.



If the scratch persists, you should try a sanding pad. It does risk causing further scratching to the surface because of the pad’s hardness, so apply a light amount of pressure and scrub the surface very gently. It’s also key to keep the area wet. Repeat until the scratch gradually disappears.


If the scratch remains, it may be worth contacting a professional or even considering a new work surface.


How to prevent future scratches on granite worktops


You should always place a barrier between sharp, heavy, or hot objects and your granite work surface. Using cutting boards and hot pads will prevent damage to your beautiful countertop. Even small things like hanging your keys up instead of placing them on the granite countertop can make a difference.


Regular cleaning and keeping up with the surface’s maintenance will also keep the granite looking new and protected.


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