How to repair cracks in granite worktops (plus how to avoid it happening again)

If you’ve invested a lot of money in a stunning granite worktop, it can be frustrating if it gets damaged. The good news is that granite is very durable and resistant to most forms of damage, even with regular use. 

However, this doesn’t mean granite worktops are invincible – they’re still susceptible to minor cracks, chips and scratches, especially in busy households. If this happens, most granite damage can easily be repaired. 


Can a crack in granite be repaired?

Repairing granite cracks can be slightly tricky. However, if the crack is small enough, the area can be filled with epoxy or resin. 

Some companies offer pigmented epoxy that is designed to match the colour of granite – you’ll need to choose one that matches the type and colour of your granite worktop. Another option is to mix the epoxy with granite dust. This can sometimes be obtained for granite countertop installers who frequently polish granite resulting in lots of granite dust. You should try to obtain granite dust from a similar granite slab as your work surface. 

When applying the epoxy, you’ll need to push it carefully into the crack. It’s better to over-fill rather than under-fill, as the excess epoxy will be polished away later. After the epoxy has dried, you’ll need to polish and reseal the surface as the finishing touch.  


Can a hairline crack in granite be repaired?

Before you attempt to repair your crack using epoxy, you’ll need to make sure that the crack is large enough to be filled and repaired. Hairlines or very small cracks can’t be repaired using this method. Although the crack might look unsightly, it won’t cause any damage to the structure or the granite slab and might actually be a fissure (a natural crack in the granite). If you are concerned about how it looks, you can try following the process for repairing scratches which is detailed below. 


Can scratches in granite be repaired?

Repairing scratches in granite is a fairly simple process. They can usually be carefully buffed out using high-grade sandpaper. You’ll then need to clean the area with water and reseal the granite worktop. 


Can chipped granite be repaired?

Repairing chips in your granite is also a fairly straightforward process. If you’ve got the broken piece of granite, you can simply glue the chip back onto the granite countertop. You might need to sand down the excess glue. If cracks are visible after glueing the missing piece back on, you can fill the chipped area with pigmented epoxy. Once the chip is repaired, you’ll likely need to sand and reseal.


How to avoid damage to granite worktops?

You can easily avoid damage to your granite worktops by looking after them correctly. Although granite is heat and scratch resistant, it’s still advised to avoid placing hot pans directly on the counter or cutting directly on the granite. Using a trivet and a chopping board can significantly reduce the likelihood of damaging your natural stone work surface. 

It’s also important to regularly seal your granite surface (around once a year). This will help protect the surface from scratches and chips. 


How Mo’s StoneX can help

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