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If you’re remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, quartz is the perfect material for your countertops. It’s beautiful and durable, and has few faults.

Mo’s StoneX specialises in manufacturing and supplying bespoke quartz countertops in an extensive range of colours, patterns, and styles. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look, we have the resources and knowledge to find a quartz worktop that’s the perfect fit for your home!

With over a decade of experience, we supply, template, and install high-quality quartz worktops in Bristol and the UK. So, if you’re looking for gorgeous quartz surfaces at competitive prices, we can help.

Quartz worktops in Bristol

Quartz is a popular choice for countertop materials and for a good reason. It’s an elegant feature while standing up well to everyday wear and tear.

Unlike natural stone worktops that are mined from stone quarries, quartz is manufactured in factories. It’s often referred to as ‘the engineered stone’, and is incredibly tough and hard-wearing because of this.

Crushed quartz crystals are combined with resin and coloured pigments which then experience immense pressure and high temperatures. This process mimics the formation of rocks in the natural process deep below the earth’s surface. The result is an ultra-compact slab of quartz that can then be shaped and sized to what the customer requires.

Because of the coloured pigments, quartz is available in a huge range of colours and patterns. Unlike granite worktops, you can customise the appearance of quartz. You can choose from bold, sparkly options to more subtle, or solid colours. Mo’s StoneX even manufactures and supplies Italian marble-inspired Carraras and Calacattas. Whatever your personal style is, we have the quartz worktop to make your vision a reality!

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What are the benefits of quartz worktops?

Quartz worktops have many benefits, and that’s why they’re so popular! One of the main benefits is their toughness and durability. They’re great for use in busy areas in the home because they’re heat and scratch-resistant. They withstand regular use very well and are therefore much less likely to get damaged than cheaper materials, such as laminate.

They’re also stain-resistant which means that you don’t have to worry about any spillages on your beautiful new surface, whether it’s wine or coffee. A soft cloth and warm, soapy water will do the trick to keep your countertop sparkling clean and looking like new!

Because quartz surfaces are non-porous, they are very hygienic. They won’t absorb spilt liquid or harbour any harmful bacteria or chemicals. They’re an essential part of clean kitchen food preparation areas and bathrooms!

Lastly, quartz work surfaces are low-maintenance. They don’t require regular sealing, and they’re super simple to clean! They’re a worthy long-term investment because they’re so durable and easy to maintain.

Quartz kitchen worktops Bristol

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s where you spend most of your time eating, drinking, and socialising with friends and family. It represents your home aesthetic and should reflect your personal style.

This is one reason why it’s so important to choose the correct kitchen worktop for your home. It can change the entire atmosphere of a room, and it’s down to the colour, style, pattern, and finish that can make or break the end result. A high-quality quartz countertop is hard not to love. They’re incredibly versatile and suit a range of colour schemes and interior design styles – we can assure you that there’s a luxury quartz work surface perfect for your home at Mo’s StoneX.

High-quality quartz kitchen worktops are:

  • Available in a loads of colours, including neutral tones and popular sparkly colours.

  • Resistant to scratches and chips.

  • Completely non-porous and resistant to bacteria and germs.

  • Stain-resistant and durable.

  • Very easy to clean and maintain.

Why pick us for quartz worktops in Bristol?

At Mo’s StoneX, we provide a range of professional services that have been transforming bathrooms and kitchens for over a decade. For a reasonable price, we’re here to help make your dreams come true.

Our team manufactures, supplies, and installs premium Dekton, granite, and quartz worktops in Bristol and the Bristol area. You can trust our years of experience, professional expertise, and impeccable customer service to make a kitchen or bathroom that you’re proud of!

Our friendly team will handle the entire worktop installation process from start to finish. Beginning with a free quote, to templating and installing your worktop, we’ve got you covered. All of our quartz worktops are fully customisable with your choice of colour, style and finish to fit your kitchen’s design style. 

Fill out our online enquiry form for a free quote, or get in touch with our team to get started with transforming your kitchen or bathroom!


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