The expert guide on Calacatta quartz

If you’re considering investing in a quartz worktop, you’ve likely come across Calacatta quartz. It’s famous for its brilliant white background and dramatic veining, which can range from gold to grey. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Calacatta quartz to see if it’s the right choice for your kitchen renovation. We’ll cover:

  • What is Calacatta quartz?
  • The benefits of Calacatta quartz 
  • Varieties of Calacatta quartz

What is Calacatta quartz?

Calacatta refers to quartz colours and patterns designed to mimic the famous marble of the same name. It’s characterised by bold, unstructured veining and its dazzling white background. 

This natural marble is only mined from one quarry in the world in Carrara, Italy. This means its availability is often limited, which makes Calacatta marble an expensive and rare option for kitchen worktops. 

Choosing a quartz Calacatta worktop means you get all the natural beauty of marble at a much lower price point. 

Benefits of Calacatta quartz 

With a Calacatta quartz worktop, you get the best of both worlds – the stunning appearance of natural stone and the durability of engineered quartz. 

Here are some of the benefits of opting for a Calacatta stone quartz work surface:

  • More affordable. If you’re a fan of the unique look of Calacatta marble but don’t have the budget for the real thing, Calacatta quartz is the perfect solution. 
  • Nonporous surface. Quartz is nonporous, so you don’t have to worry about harmful germs and bacteria seeping into your countertops. 
  • Strength and durability. Calacatta quartz is known for its toughness and durability, making it a worthwhile and long-lasting investment for your kitchen.
  • No sealing is required. Calacatta marble worktops need to be sealed regularly, but quartz surfaces never need to be sealed, making them hassle-free and easy to maintain.
  • Resistant to stains and scratches. Quartz is highly resistant to stains and scratches, so it’s perfect for use in busy, family homes. 
  • Easy to clean. All you need to keep your Calacatta quartz countertop looking new is warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. 

Varieties of Calacatta quartz 

There are several different varieties of Calacatta quartz. Here are a few of the most popular options. 

Calacatta Gold Quartz

This variety of Calacatta quartz features a dazzling white background crisscrossed by stunning gold, grey and beige names. Eternal Calacatta Gold is the perfect choice for creating a unique and elegant look in your kitchen. The subtle veining and sleek white background pairs beautifully with any colour scheme or kitchen design style. 

Calacatta Alaska Quartz

Calacatta Alaska Quartz is a standout choice. It features delicate grey veins that run the entire length of the quartz slab with a bright white background. This is a great choice for small kitchens or bathrooms because this surface helps to bounce light around the room, making any space feel light and airy. 

Calacatta Oro Quartz 

Calacatta Oro Quartz features striking light grey, dark grey and golden veining combined with a subtle white base. The delicate veining is almost spider-like in its appearance, creating a real wow factor in any kitchen or bathroom. 

Calacatta Borghini Quartz 

This quartz worktop makes a statement feature in any luxury kitchen or bathroom. The glossy white background contrasts with the bold, dramatic grey veins crisscrossing the surface. Calacatta Borghini quartz looks stunning paired with high-gloss white cabinets to create a dazzling all-white look. 

How Mo’s StoneX can help

At Mo’s StoneX, we’re quartz experts. We’ve been manufacturing and installing luxury quartz worktops for over a decade. Our expert team can help you choose the right Calacatta Quartz to transform your kitchen or bathroom completely!

We offer a huge selection of quartz colours, including Italian marble-inspired Calacattas and Carraras. Whether you’re looking for a classic option like ​​Calacatta Borghini or a more unusual choice like black Marquina Quartz, we can help! 

Our helpful and experienced team will gladly offer their advice and guidance if you’re unsure what quartz colour will look best in your space. We’ll look after everything, from custom templating to the final installation, ensuring everything runs smoothly and to plan. Getting the kitchen of your dreams with Mo’s StoneX is easy.

Fill out our online enquiry form for a free quote to get one step closer to your dream kitchen! Or get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our luxury quartz splashbacks and worktops.