The most popular quartz worktop colours of 2023

Quartz is one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktops in the UK, but with so many colours, it can take time to make the right choice. From marble-inspired Calacatta patterns to intense sparkly colours, the options are endless. 

We’ve put together this guide to the most popular quartz worktops colours in the UK to help you make the right decision for your kitchen or bathroom. 


What are quartz worktops?

First things first, what are quartz worktops, and how are they made? 

Quartz worktops are made from pieces of natural quartz mixed with resin and pigments to form an engineered quartz slab. Natural quartz is extremely hard and tough, which makes quartz worktops durable and long-lasting. 

After the natural quartz crystals are mixed with resin, the mixture is compressed to create a dense and compact slab. This engineered stone slab is then cut to the customer’s specifications so that it’s a perfect fit for their kitchen or bathroom. Quartz worktops offer a hygienic, non-porous surface perfect for high-traffic areas.


Why are there so many colours of quartz worktops?

Most quartz countertops are made from 90 – 95% quartz minerals and 5-10% resin and coloured pigments. It’s these coloured pigments that create so many different colours and patterns of quartz worktops. 



Popular white quartz colours 

White quartz worktops remain one of the most popular options. This light and neutral colour creates a breathtaking kitchen that can be complemented with matching white or contrasting dark cabinets. 


Gold Statuario Quartz 

This unique quartz colour features a brilliant white background with luxurious gold veins running through it. The angular copper-gold veins make a breathtaking statement in any modern kitchen. 


Alaska Quartz 

The natural beauty of Calacatta marble inspires this natural quartz worktop. Its delicate grey veins crisscross the entire length of the polished white slab, creating a beautiful feature in any kitchen or bathroom. 


Calacatta Borghini Quartz 

Another beautiful quartz inspired by Calacatta marble, which makes a statement in any luxury home. The polished white background brings a light and airy feel to your kitchen or bathroom, while the bold grey veins create a dramatic look that draws visitors’ eyes.


Capri White Quartz

Inspired by natural Italian marble, this quartz perfectly mimics natural stone’s subtle and delicate veining. The muted grey veins contrast with the brilliant white background, creating an elegant and timeless look in your kitchen or bathroom.



Popular black quartz colours 

Although not as common as white quartz, black and dark grey quartz has become more trendy this year. It’s perfect for those who want to make a real statement with their choice of kitchen quartz worktop colour choice. Black quartz worktops create a bold and moody atmosphere when paired with contrasting white cabinets. 


Marquina Quartz 

This beautiful black quartz, evocative of Spanish marble, creates a vivid and intense look in any luxury kitchen or bathroom. The striking black background contrasts with the dramatic white veining that runs through the length of the slab.


Noir Quartz 

A classic quartz colour featuring a solid black base with dramatic gold veins that crisscross the slab. This creates a theatrical and statement feature in any luxury home.



Popular sparkly quartz colours 

Sparkly quartz colours have also risen in popularity in 2023, particularly lighter and subtle shimmer colours. These sparkly colours range from subtle fine-grained patterns to more dramatic textures. Unlike other quartz colours, these don’t have veining that mimics natural stone. Instead, they form one solid block of colour, making them easy to match with many colours of kitchen cabinets.


Graphite Ice

This grey quartz makes a luxurious statement in any home. The fine-grained texture creates a subtle look in your kitchen or bathroom. The shiny flecks throughout the slab reflect light creating an airy and spacious atmosphere.


Aspen Ice Quartz

This white quartz is a perfect choice to brighten up any room. The polished white background is flecked with tiny fragments of sparkle that shimmer when the light hits them. It makes the perfect statement in any luxury home. 



How Mo’s StoneX can help

Selecting the right quartz worktop can be a difficult decision – the colour of your new work surface will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. At Mo’s StoneX, we love using our 10 years of experience with quartz worktops to help you make the right decision. 

Mo’s StoneX has been supplying, templating, and installing high-quality luxury quartz and stone worktops for over a decade. Our team are experts at helping customers choose the right quartz worktops colour to bring their kitchen to life, whatever your kitchen design.

We stock a huge range of popular quartz colours with customisable finishes available – finding the perfect colour with our huge range and expert guidance is easy. We offer sparkly patterns and white, black and grey quartz worktops. Plus, we have loads of marble-inspired options, such as Calacattas and Carraras. 

Our friendly and professional team handles the entire worktop installation process. We even offer a free quote to help you kickstart the process! Fill out our online enquiry form for a free quote, and start your kitchen transformation today. Or contact our team for some expert guidance on choosing the right quartz colour.