AXIX Sinks

All our AXIX sinks are supplied by The 1810 Company with a vast range of combinations. AXIX sinks allow for your chosen worktop to be used along the insides of the sink while leaving a contemporary and stunning steel bottom. To create a luxurious, designer feel, choose an AXIX sink.

AXIXuno 210U

  • AXIXuno 210U Sink

Was £304.00

NOW £228.00

AXIXuno 355U

Was £389.00

NOW £292.00

AXIXuno 450U

Was £195.00

NOW £146.00

AXIXuno 500U

  • AXIXuno 500U Sink

Was £450.00

NOW £338.00

AXIXuno 700U

  • AXIXuno 700U Sink

Was £547.00

NOW £410.00

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