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Dekton, Granite & Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Dekton, Granite & Quartz Kitchen Worktops

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Luxury Stone Kitchen Worktops

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook, eat and come together with family and friends. So, we know how important your worktop choice is.

It needs to look fantastic, stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life, and last for years. We can help.

Mo’s StoneX are specialists in supplying, templating and installing stone worktops with over a decade of experience. We offer luxurious granite and quartz worktops in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit any kitchen. 

We also offer innovative dekton kitchen worktops. This durable man-made quartz is the perfect alternative to traditional stone countertops.


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Why Pick Us For Kitchen Worktops?

We supply, template, manufacture and install a wide range of luxury kitchen worktops, including dekton, quartz, and granite worktops. Mo’s StoneX has over ten years of experience supplying quality countertops and work surfaces to both commercial and retail sectors. So, you know you’re in safe and experienced hands!

We work with all the major worktops brands, such as Caesarstone, Dekton, Silestone, Cimstone, Quartzforms and many others. Plus, we also manufacture our own Quartz range. This includes the most popular colours, such as the Carraras, Calacttas, and sparkly colours. With so many colours, styles, and finishes to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect fit for your new kitchen!

How do I pay for my order?2022-03-01T13:00:40+00:00

On order, we will require 10% deposit payment to confirm your order, and arrange a template date. And then we will require a 40% payment in the template date. Final payment of 50% will be required in the installation date.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up to 48 hours before your template appointment and your deposit refunded in full. Deposits will not be refunded on orders cancelled after the 48 hour cut-off period.
You cannot cancel your order once your template measurement has been processed and your worktops have entered our factory for production.

Can I rearrange my template/installation appointment?2022-05-25T10:27:05+01:00

If you need to change your appointment, get in touch with a member of our friendly team as soon as possible to arrange a suitable date. You can rearrange your appointment 24 hours before your template or installation date.

When and how will I be notified about the time of my template/installation appointment?2022-03-01T12:59:28+00:00

As soon as we’ve booked your template/installation appointment, we will confirm you the exact day by email. The day before your appointment, we will contact you either by phone or email to confirm the timeslot when our team will be arriving at your home.

How long will it take for my worktop to be installed after my template appointment?2022-05-25T10:27:38+01:00

From template, we will aim to install your worktops within 5-6 working days.

Can I change my order or make any additions after I’ve placed my order?2022-05-25T10:28:19+01:00

Once you have placed your order, you cannot change details such as your material choice, edge profile etc. However, during your template appointment you can add certain items to your order. These items are:

Window sills



Sink grooves

Sink recesses

Sink cut-out

Hob cut-out

Pop-up sockets

Radius corner

Smooth underside

Solid underside

Once your template is complete and you’ve signed for any additional items, you cannot make any further changes.

If changes need to be made to your order that do not appear on the above list, your appointment may be aborted and you might incur additional appointment costs.

How do I know when my kitchen is ready for the template appointment?2022-05-25T10:28:59+01:00

Once you have notification of the expected delivery & installation of your kitchen cabinets and appliances, please contact us to arrange an exact template date.

Template and Installation guidelines will be sent to you prior to the template and you must ensure your newly installed kitchen is ready for the worktop survey. If your kitchen is not ready for the template measurement, your appointment will be aborted, and you may incur additional appointment costs.

What percentage of Quartz is in your worktops?2022-05-25T10:29:28+01:00

The composition of quartz kitchen worktops can range from 90% to 95% quartz. High quality surfaces such as Siltstone Quartz are composed of an optimum ratio of around 93% natural quartz and 7% polymers and resin, along with various types of pigments for colouration.

Recent Worktop Installations

See our Granite Worktops

Granite Worktops

Work surfaces made from granite are a very popular choice and bring timeless beauty into every kitchen or bathroom. Granite is one of the hardest natural materials on earth, formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface.  This natural stone is formed during the cooling of molten and is one of the most durable materials on earth. Mo’s StoneX has a wide range of beautiful granite kitchen worktops in natural colours including subtle whites and textured greys. 

Granite countertops and worktops are extremely hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. They are much more durable when compared to cheaper wooden or laminate worktops. These work surfaces are easy to clean & maintain, making them ideal worktops for kitchens and bathrooms.  A granite worktop will last for years and years, and its intricate natural patterns look stunning in any kitchen or bathroom!

Quality granite kitchen and bathroom worktops are:

  • Extremely hard-wearing, so they won’t scratch under normal use.

  • Stain-resistant and heat-resistant. You don’t need to worry about destroying the surface if you accidentally place a hot pan on your work surface.

  • Tough, durable and long-lasting. They’re resistant to chips and cracks and can last a lifetime if they’re well-maintained.

  • A valuable long-term investment that looks stunning and elegant, whatever your kitchen’s design.

  • Made from natural stone with colours ranging from subtle textured white to vivid black and every colour in between!

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Quartz Worktops

 Quartz worktops are made of pieces of natural Quartz bonded together with a small amount of adhesive.  Unlike granite, quartz is manufactured in a factory making it incredibly durable. Granite work surfaces are often made up of 90-99% Quartz, but the exact ratio depends on the manufacturer and type of Quartz worktop. For example, Samsung Radianz Quartz is 93% quartz, which is quite fine-grained. 

Quartz is non-porous and stain-resistant, so it doesn’t matter if you accidentally spill juice over your new countertop! These work surfaces are also less susceptible to damage and scratches than wooden worktops.

We stock quartz worktops in a huge range of colours, from neutral white to more intense darker colours. Mo’s StoneX also manufactures its own range of quartz worktops with popular Calacttas and sparkly colour options.

Quality quartz kitchen and bathroom worktops are:

  • Available in a variety of colours from bright red to lime green, as well as popular brown, black and cream neutral colours.

  • Less likely to crack or chip compared to granite or marble worktops.

  • Made from a non-porous material so will not harbour bacteria in tiny cracks.

  • Resistant to stains and easy to maintain and clean.

See our Quartz Worktops
See our Dekton Worktops

Dekton Worktops

Dekton is an innovative, man-made quartz and a great alternative to natural stone worktops. First introduced in 2013, this material is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Dekton is an artificial quartz formed from glass, porcelain and natural quartz. Because dekton worktops are produced using extreme heat into an ultra-compact material, they’re completely scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. You can even cut directly on your countertop without damaging the surface!

Dekton is durable and non-porous, which makes it incredibly long-lasting. These worktops are 100% waterproof, so any spillages will simply run off!

Quality Dekton kitchen and bathroom worktops are:

  • Easy to clean and look after. They don’t require any sealant unlike stone worktops.

  • 100% waterproof, so liquids will simply run off the surface. This means you don’t need to worry about spilling drinks.

  • Covered by a 25-year warranty if they are professionally installed.

  • UV resistant, so they can be used for both indoor and outdoor kitchen worktops.

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