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Alaska Quartz worktops are perfect for any luxury kitchen or bathroom renovation. This natural-looking quartz surface is inspired by gorgeous Calacatta marble and features its characteristic delicate grey veins, which run the entire length of the quartz slab. Its stunning, polished white background reflects natural light making your kitchen or bathroom feel light and airy.

You can pair your Alaska quartz countertops with white cabinets to create an elegant, all-white space that looks and feels light and airy. Alternatively, these white quartz work surfaces make a dramatic and eye-catching feature in darker kitchens, especially when paired with dark grey gloss cabinets and wooden accents.

Stone quartz is a much more durable and practical choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops than natural marble. So, if you love the delicate veining of Italian marble, this marble-effect quartz worktop is the perfect choice.

Alaska Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Alaska White Quartz Worktops


Quartz worktop surfaces are an engineered stone, made using natural quartz fragments, resin and coloured pigments, which are put under intense pressure and heated to a high temperature. This produces an ultra-compact single slab that’s tough, durable and long-lasting – perfect for busy family homes! 

The manufacturing process also makes them stain, scratch, and heat-resistant, so they stand up well to daily use even in high-traffic areas.

Hygienic & non-porous

White Alaska quartz countertops are popular for areas where hygiene and cleanliness are important, like bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they’re fully waterproof and non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about harmful germs and bacteria seeping into your worktop!.

Low maintenance

Quartz work surfaces require almost no maintenance, especially compared to natural stone surfaces like marble, which require regular sealing. This means you never need to worry about paying for regular re-sealing or your worktop isn’t adequately protected.

Matchable to any colour scheme

Calacatta Alaska Quartz worktops look stunning in any kitchen or bathroom, regardless of style or colour scheme. You can opt for glossy grey cabinets for an ultra-luxe and modern look. Or pair these show-stopping quartz countertops with matching white cabinets for a bright and spacious feeling kitchen or bathroom.

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