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Inspired by beautiful Italian marble, Arabescato Calacatta quartz makes an eye-catching feature in any kitchen or bathroom. If you’re looking for a gorgeous and luxurious work surface with a real wow factor, Arabescato quartz is the perfect worktop material.

An Arabescato kitchen or bathroom will flatter any home. Its polished white surface is complemented by elegant black and grey veining, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. Its unique pattern makes it a first-class choice for any environment.

Arabescato Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Arabescato Quartz Worktops

Tough and durable

Arabescato quartz countertops are ideal for busy kitchens and bathrooms because they withstand everyday wear and tear. The manufacturing process makes quartz incredibly durable, heat and scratch-resistant, and fully waterproof. By purchasing one of our quartz worktops you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful and long-lasting investment.


Quartz worktops are fully waterproof and non-porous. This means that liquids can’t seep into the surface. This also makes them a hygienic choice for bathrooms and kitchens as you can be sure they won’t harbour harmful germs and bacteria.

Easy to maintain

It’s simple and easy to look after your Arabescato quartz kitchen worktops. Our quartz range is stain-resistant, so there’s no need to stress about spillages. If you do have a spillage, all you need is warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to keep your surface looking sparkling new. 

Unlike natural stone worktops, such as granite, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed. You won’t have to worry about remembering to seal your worktop on a regular basis because quartz has naturally tough properties. This is why quartz countertops are incredibly low maintenance.

Modern, luxurious look

Arabescato quartz countertops look stunning in any modern kitchen or bathroom. They can transform the spaces in your home because of how beautiful and eye-catching they are. The polished white quartz surface also helps bounce light around the room, so they’re perfect for small homes or places with limited natural light. Arabescato marble-inspired quartz is especially dainty, characterised by its grey veining.

Combine your Arabescato quartz kitchen countertops with matching white cabinets for an all-white serene look, or pair it with dark grey cabinetry to create a sense of contrast and drama.


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