Aspen Ice Quartz Worktops



Aspen Ice Quartz worktops are perfect to add light to any kitchen or bathroom. Its shiny white surface with flecked specks of sparkle reflects the lighting and brightens up a room. It is the only natural white shimmer Quartz, and comes with the guaranteed wow factor you may be looking for.

Aspen Ice Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Aspen Ice


Quartz worktops are naturally durable, being heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof.


These worktops are very hygienic, being waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means the surface is less likely to be damaged and harbour bacteria.

Low maintenance

A quick wipe with a soft microfiber cloth with warm water and dish soap is all it takes to clean the surfaces of Aspen Ice Quartz worktops. This is perfect for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and brilliant for busy family homes.

Matchable to any colour scheme

White truly goes with any colour, and Aspen Ice Quartz is no exception. Match your dark cabinets with these stunningly bright countertops to bring light into the room, or keep the colour scheme bright and airy by using Aspen Ice against bright white cabinets.

Aspen Ice Quartz Worktop Gallery



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