Bianco Carrara Quartz Worktops



Bianco Carrara Quartz is a white Quartz worktop which mimics the looks of Bianco Carrara marble. This creates a stunning and elegant surface for any kitchen or bathroom. The veins throughout the Quartz creates the effect of a chic grey marbling effect making it perfect for those wanting to incorporate marble into their homes.

Bianco Carrara Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Bianco Carrara Quartz Worktops


Bianco Carrara Quartz is a natural Quartz which is one of the toughest raw materials. This means the countertops will be scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and also waterproof with resistance to staining. This results in a higher longevity than other non-quartz worktops. Perfect for homes with high traffic and high use of their worktops!


As the material has a high resistance to scratches and chipping, this makes the countertops more hygienic than others as bacteria cannot collect in the groves caused by damage. Plus Quartz is stain-resistant, again, denying the bacteria a chance to grow and spread.

Low maintenance

If you’re looking for a bathroom or kitchen worktop that you can easily keep clean and maintain, Bianco Carrara Quartz could be the one for you! All it takes is a soft microfibre cloth, and some warm water mixed with dish soap to wash away any spillages on its surface – super easy to clean!

Easily compatible

The Bianco Carrara Quartz can be easily matched in kitchens and bathrooms alike and mixes well with all colours of cabinets and walls. Plus its chic, sophisticated look adds a touch of luxury to whatever room you put it in.

Bianco Carrara Quartz Worktop Gallery



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