Black Sparkle Quartz Worktops



Black Sparkle Quartz is one of the most popular sparkly quartz colours for modern kitchens and bathrooms. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of drama and glamour to your home. The matt black background is covered with shimmering mirrored flecks which bounce light around the room. Its brightening effect makes it perfect for small spaces, and it’s sure to give any home the real wow factor!

Black Sparkle Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Black Sparkle Quartz Worktops


Black Sparkle Quartz countertops are famous for their antibacterial properties, making them a great choice for food preparation areas and bathroom surfaces. Quartz is waterproof and non-porous, meaning no germs or bacteria can seep into the material.

Tough and durable

Quartz worktops are made from natural ground quartz, an extremely hard material. This makes Sparkle Black Quartz countertops tough, durable and long-lasting – perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

If you opt for Sparkling Black Quartz countertops, you’re guaranteed a beautiful work surface that will look stunning in your home for years to come. Quartz surfaces are also heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, so they stand up well to daily wear and tear.

Easy to maintain

Black Sparkle Quartz kitchen worktops are incredibly easy to look after and maintain. There’s no need to stress about spilling anything on this stain-resistant surface. All you need to clean up accidental spillages are mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth, and your quartz worktop will look as good as new!

Contemporary look

Black Sparkle Quartz countertops create a gorgeous, contemporary look in any luxury kitchen or bathroom. The black quartz background creates a moody atmosphere, while the subtle mirrored flecks add a touch of elegance. The mirrored fragments help reflect light around the space, creating a bright and airy feel despite the dark colour. 

This Sparkling Black Quartz colour is commonly paired with white cabinets to create a light, spacious, balanced kitchen design. However, you can also match your black quartz worktop with darker cabinets to create a more dramatic look. 


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