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Calacatta Eternal Quartz is a stunning choice for any kitchen or bathroom. The bright white background and bold grey veining are evocative of classic Italian marble. Eternal Calacatta quartz’s dramatic grey highlights create a truly stand-out feature, whatever the style of your home. This quartz is the perfect choice to transform your space completely!

Calacatta Eternal Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Calacatta Eternal Quartz Worktops


Calacatta Eternal Silestone worktops are popular for busy kitchens and bathrooms because of their durability and toughness. Natural quartz is incredibly hard, making it an ideal choice for countertops. Quartz is a long-lasting and worthwhile investment that you‘ll be able to enjoy for years and years. These work surfaces are also heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and completely non-porous – perfect for high-traffic areas.


Quartz worktops are made from engineered stone making them incredibly anti-bacterial, hygienic and fully waterproof. Because quartz is resistant to cuts and scratches, it won’t harbour germs or bacteria. This makes them safe for food preparation and ideal for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Low care and maintenance

Quartz stone worktops are well-known for being easy to clean and care for. It’s incredibly low maintenance, making it perfect for busy families. You only need a soft cloth, dish soap, and warm water to keep your beautiful Eternal Calacatta quartz as shiny as new!

Matchable to any colour scheme

Eternal Calacatta quartz is a very versatile choice. This quartz colour pairs perfectly with any design or colour scheme. The neutral white background and bold grey veining pairs beautifully with matching white cabinets for a sleek all-white look. Or you could opt for dramatic dark cabinets for an eye-catching kitchen.

If you’re a fan of this quartz colour, have a look at our Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold Quartz worktops – this is very similar but with an added splash of gold veining!

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