Concrete Quartz Worktops



Concrete effect quartz worktops combine the polished beauty of concrete with all the benefits of an engineered quartz surface. This eye-catching grey quartz perfectly mimics the natural appearance of concrete with different shades of grey and light undertones. Our concrete quartz countertops are perfect for any modern kitchen or bathroom, especially if you want an industrial feel.

Quartz Concrete Kitchen Worktops

Advantages of Quartz Concrete Worktops


Concrete-look quartz worktops are incredibly tough and durable due to their manufacturing process. They’re the perfect choice for busy kitchens and bathrooms because they’re heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. Choosing a quartz concrete countertop means you’re guaranteed a beautiful kitchen for years to come.


Engineered quartz creates a non-porous surface, meaning no liquids or bacteria can seep into the material. This makes them ideal for use in food preparation areas and places where hygiene is important, like kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops.

Low maintenance

Cleaning your concrete effect quartz work surface is easy due to its stain resistance. You only need a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to keep your countertops sparkling clean. You also never need to worry about resealing, like with a natural stone surface. Quartz never needs to be sealed, so it’s perfect for busy homes.

Stunning industrial look

Concrete grey quartz worktops work with various kitchen styles and colour schemes, from modern high-gloss cabinets to more traditional shaker kitchens. However, they’re often used to give an industrial feel to the space, especially when combined with features like stainless steel and exposed brick.


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