Midnight Starburst Quartz Worktops



Midnight Starburst Quartz has a real wow factor. The rich black background makes a dramatic statement in any luxury home. The exquisite sparkling finish means your quartz countertop constantly catches the light and glimmers day and night. The specks of sparkling crystals combined with the intense black surface make this quartz one of our most popular sparkly colours.

Midnight Starburst Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Midnight Starburst Quartz Worktops


Natural quartz is famous for its toughness and durability. This is what makes Midnight Starburst Quartz work surfaces so long-lasting. If you choose a quartz worktop for your kitchen or bathroom, you can be guaranteed a worthwhile investment that you can enjoy for years to come. They’re perfect for high-traffic areas because they’re heat-resistant and scratch-resistant.


Midnight Starburst Quartz worktops are also incredibly hygienic. This is why they’re perfect for food preparation in kitchen and bathroom counters. You don’t have to worry about your worktop harbouring harmful bacteria and germs.

Low maintenance

Quartz work surfaces are simple to clean and maintain, perfect for busy family homes. To keep your quartz worktop looking shiny and new, all you need to do is wipe your surface down with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap.

Eye-catching feature

Starburst Midnight Quartz kitchen worktops create a stunning and dramatic look in any kitchen. The rich black shimmering surface is an eye-catching feature to which everyone’s eyes will be drawn. You can pair your Midnight Starburst quartz surfaces with contrasting white cabinets for a vivid and dramatic kitchen.

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