Silver Starburst Quartz Worktops



Silver Starburst Quartz is one of the most popular sparkle quartz colours. Its delicate dark grey base is covered with shimmery mirrored flecks that help to bounce light around the room. The crushed glass highlights help to give this quartz grey work surface the real wow factor. Silver Starburst Quartz creates a beautiful and luxurious look in any modern kitchen or bathroom.

Silver Starburst Quartz Kitchen

Advantages of Silver Starburst Quartz Worktops


Silver Starburst Quartz work surfaces are incredibly hygienic, making them an ideal choice for food preparation in kitchens and bathroom countertops. This is due to the worktops’ anti-bacterial and non-porous properties. You don’t have to worry about harmful bacteria or germs seeping into the surface.


Natural quartz is extremely hard, which is what makes quartz work surfaces so tough and durable. No wonder quartz is such a popular choice in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

A Silver Starburst Quartz worktop is a stunning and long-term investment that will look beautiful in your home for years and years. Quartz kitchen worktops are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and completely non-porous – ideal for busy family homes!

Easy to look after

These silver quartz worktops are very easy to clean, maintain and care for. If you accidentally spill something on your new Silver Starburst Quartz countertop, there’s no need to worry. A soft cloth, mild soap and warm water are all you need to clean up the spillage and keep the quartz sparkling clean.

Contemporary look

Silver Starburst Quartz countertops are a stunning addition to any contemporary luxury kitchen or bathroom. The delicate grey quartz with sparkles and mirrored flecks is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home. The crushed glass highlights reflect light to help make the space more airy and inviting!

This silver quartz colour works well with a wide range of colour schemes and kitchen design styles. You might choose to pair your grey worktop with white cabinets to create a spacious kitchen full of light or with dark cabinets to create a moody and dramatic atmosphere.


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