Quartz worktops are an extremely popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms – in particular white quartz worktops. There are so many different styles and textures of white quartz that it’s easy to find the perfect match for the room you are renovating. Plus, white goes with everything. If you’re looking for a traditional kitchen with marble-inspired countertops, Aria White or something from the Calacatta range would be perfect. Or maybe you’re looking for an ultra-modern kitchen with a high gloss and sheen? If so, ultra white could be the one for you! 


Keep reading to discover the 7 most popular white quartz worktops.


Aria White

Aria White has to be at the top of our list for being one of the most beautiful white quartz worktops. Inspired by stunning Italian marble, Aria White features a gorgeous white base with blue-grey veining and subtle grey flecks throughout. It’s perfect if you’re a fan of marble countertops but don’t quite have the budget or want something with higher durability.


This quartz is also extremely versatile. You can pair it with many colours and shades of cabinets, such as white for a light and airy feel or black for a bold, dramatic look. Plus, it’ll look great in both modern and traditional kitchens.


Calacatta Gold Superior

Next on our list is Calacatta Gold Superior quartz. Similar to Aria White, Calacatta Gold Superior is inspired by Italian marble, looking almost exactly like Calacatta Gold Marble. It has a beautiful white base with stunning gold veining running throughout. The striking contrast makes it a standout feature in any room, whether that be a traditional kitchen or a highly modern one!


Calacatta Gold Superior is another first-class choice for people who love the look of marble worktops but want something more durable and low-maintenance. 



If you’re a fan of Calacatta Marble with larger and bolder veining, Alaska quartz could be the perfect match! This colour is another style of quartz that takes inspiration from marble countertops. It has all the same stunning features—a beautiful white base with characteristic grey veins—but with lower maintenance requirements and is much more durable. 


The veining runs the length of the slab, making this a stand-out feature and an attention-grabbing element. The brilliant white makes any room feel bright and airy. Alaska Quartz is another perfect choice for someone looking to create an inviting atmosphere in any style of kitchen.


Ice White

Ice White quartz might look slightly different from the other white quartz worktops on this list, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked! It’s the perfect match for someone who wants a lighter countertop but isn’t sure they want to go full white. The greyish undertones with lighter, white delicate veining give the illusion of ice, giving it its name. Its soft grey flecks throughout the slab make it a stunning and interesting feature in any home.


Ice White quartz is especially perfect for modern luxury kitchens or bathrooms that want to add a natural light and airy feel to the room. 


Ultra White

If you’re looking for something that’s still brilliant white but with a more classic feel, Ultra White quartz could be the one for you. It’s a clean, crisp, stunning white that matches any interior design style. It’s a simple yet beautiful quartz countertop that will brighten up any space and reflect light easily around the room.


Ultra White quartz is a top choice for anyone looking for an elegant white worktop in its purest form – no veining, no specs of other colours, just simply white. You’ll be able to easily pair this with any colour scheme you have in mind.


Calacatta Eternal

From the Calacatta range, Calacatta Eternal quartz is a stunning worktop that mimics classic Italian marble closely. It has a beautiful white base that will reflect light easily around any room and make any small space appear larger. However, its standout feature is the bold grey veining that runs throughout the slab. This is what gives it the look of an Italian marble worktop but like all quartz, this worktop is more durable and needs less maintenance than marble. 


Calacatta Eternal quartz is perfect for any style of kitchen, whether traditional or modern. It’ll be a standout feature in any home and open up any space.


Calacatta Venato

Another beautiful white worktop that is a great alternative to marble is Calacatta Venato quartz. It’s extremely popular due to its mixture of delicate and bold grey veining that runs through the entirety of the slab. This contrasts with the brilliant white base and helps it to mimic natural stone work surfaces. 


Calacatta Venato quartz will be a timeless choice for any kitchen and an easy pick for anyone looking for a durable and stunning white quartz worktop that could be mistaken for marble. 


How Mo’s StoneX can help

As you can see, there are lots of choices for white quartz worktops – and we’ve not listed them all here! White is a classic choice that can make any home look stunning and feel luxurious. From marble-inspired patterns to sparkle quartz to solid colours. Whatever white quartz you’re looking for, there’s one out there for you! Luckily, here at Mo’s StoneX, we are experts in all things quartz.


We have over 10 years of experience manufacturing, supplying, templating, and installing all colours and types of quartz worktops. Take a look at our extensive range and find the perfect white quartz for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. You can get a free quote today, or contact us with any questions and a member of our friendly and experienced team will be more than happy to help!