How Much are Quartz Worktops?

So, you are in the process of designing your dream kitchen, and of course, you want to choose worktops that complete the look. However, kitchen worktop prices can have an impact on the material you choose. 

Quartz is one of the best materials for worktops and is a popular choice, but as you would expect, it carries a premium price. However, there are many things to consider when deciding upon your budget, and you may discover that a quartz worktop is worth the investment and has better value over the long term than you might expect.

In this guide, we will explore how much quartz kitchen worktops cost alongside the benefits of choosing quartz.

The benefits of choosing a quartz worktop 


Quartz is unbeatable when it comes to choosing a robust premium worktop. Unlike laminate surfaces, quartz is relatively heat and stain resistant with excellent non-porous properties compared to granite worktops.


You have many more choices of colours and patterns than granite worktops, as the product is a natural quartz and resin composite. It can be easily adapted during the manufacturing process.

You will have a wide choice of colours, comparable to laminates, but benefitting from the magnificent natural stone lustre.


Quartz is a simple material to care for and clean. All you need is water and a soft microfibre cloth to wipe up spills and clean the surface.

Buff up with a soft dry cloth to keep the shine intact and the surface protected from watermarks.


You can expect to keep your quartz worktop far longer than a laminate surface. You will often get a guarantee for ten years, but if well looked after, it can last you even longer.

The extra cost can be seen as an investment if you intend to stay in your home. Even if you move, quality quartz worktops will add value to your property and make it more appealing to buyers.

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What are the costs associated with buying a quartz worktop?

When deciding if quartz is suitable for your kitchen, you need to look at the whole picture rather than just the slab price.

Some vital factors will affect the overall quartz worktop cost.

Quality of the Quartz

Many different brands of quartz will be sourced from around the world and manufactured differently. The quality will vary along with the price.

You will also come across different styles of quartz such as Carrara, Calcutta and even some modern sparkly designs.

The Carrara quartz has a distinctive white or grey background with a choice of delicate veins replicating natural marble. Calcutta offers the opulence of Italian marble with some striking patterns and colours.

Your choice of style will ultimately affect the price per slab.

Depth of the Quartz

Quartz worktops most commonly come in depths of 2 or 3cm. Obviously, it will cost more to have a thicker worktop, but you will benefit from a luxurious and classically elegant appearance.

You can find some cheaper options that come in a 1cm depth, giving a contemporary feel to a kitchen.

Size and Design of Your Kitchen

The size of your kitchen will depend on the amount of workspace you’ll need and the price you pay, but the design also matters.

Traditional designs often feature lower cabinets with a work surface around the entire kitchen. In contrast, modern kitchens often have walls of units, larder cabinets and built-in ovens that reduce the amount of work surface.

Of course, islands are extremely popular and on-trend. Remember that the width and length can require extra-large slabs of quartz that will add to the cost.

It is worth talking with your kitchen planner at the outset if you desire quartz but have a restricted budget. You may be able to reduce costs by limiting the amount of surface and tweaking the plans.

Installation Costs

Quartz must be installed professionally, as it is not a job for a DIYer.

A supplier will need to template your kitchen and cut the required slabs at their specialised workshop with dedicated cutting machinery.

It requires an expert hand, experience, and the appropriate equipment to carry out templating.

Next, professional fitters must bring the cut slabs to your home for fitting. They are surprisingly heavy, so managing a team of at least two fitters will take time.

They will ensure that any joins are performed expertly to maximise the seamless appearance.

It is recommended not to cut corners on installation since you will want to ensure that such a quality product is handled respectfully to avoid damage.

So, what can I expect to pay for a quartz worktop?

Quartz comes in standard size slabs. The cost of one slab starts at £1350. The average kitchen will need two slabs, starting at £1750. Bigger luxury kitchens may require three slabs at a starting cost of £2150.

To compare prices with the cost of laminate, let’s consider the cost per metre.

On average, you will pay around £475 per metre but remember that this will vary depending upon the style chosen.

Compact laminate costs around £135 per metre, so you can see that the cost of quartz is three times the price.

You will need to add VAT and fitting costs to the material cost. The best way to get a complete estimate is to chat with a professional fitter who can look at your kitchen plan and develop a realistic quote.

They will take into account any additional features such as a hob cut-out, an undermount sink, draining grooves and any curves that will provide a unique flourish to your design.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that quartz is not for everyone. If your budget is exceptionally tight, you must make compromises somewhere.

However, according to Elle magazine, quartz has grown enormously in popularity over the last ten years, which has helped to bring down the basic price to a more affordable level.

It is worth reminding you that quartz lends a particular luxury to any kitchen, whether it is traditional, country or contemporary. Its timeless appeal ensures that you can keep it for a long time and benefit from your original investment over a lifetime.

Remember that while other cheaper alternatives may look good in photos, in reality, there is nothing quite like quartz’s cool, smooth feel to add a touch of class to a kitchen.

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