What is Dekton made of? Everything you need to know

When you’re planning your kitchen renovation, choosing your kitchen worktop is a central part of the design process. If you don’t choose the perfect worktop for your kitchen design, it can change the entire atmosphere of the room. You have to choose the right material, the right colour, and the right style for it to come together in the perfect way – there’s so much to consider. 


Dekton is not only beautiful and available in a range of colours, patterns, and finishes, but it’s also the toughest worktop material out of all stone worktops. Its durability and beauty make it an exceptional choice for high-use areas such as kitchens. It will show off your personal style in the centre of your home and will last years to come because of its incredible manufacturing. So, what actually is Dekton?


What is Dekton made of?

Dekton countertops are made up of a blend of quartz stone, porcelain, and glass. It combines over 20 natural minerals and experiences similar processes that natural rocks undergo to result in an almost indestructible material. 


How is Dekton made?

Dekton is man-made in factories, which allows it to harness some amazing qualities. It’s manufactured exclusively by the Spanish company, Cosentino, which has over 25 years of experience in stone surfacing. So, you can trust that you’re getting premium Dekton worktop material! 


The combination of natural minerals undergo a process which mimics that of natural rock formation. This involves being compressed under high pressure to create an ultra-compact Dekton slab. Dekton is sometimes referred to as ‘sintered stone’ and that’s because it goes through particle sintering technology which compacts the stone more than it would experience in a natural environment. This results in Dekton being incredibly durable and high-quality compared to natural stone countertops.


Why should I choose a Dekton worktop? 

Dekton is an incredibly hard-wearing material, which makes it perfect for work surfaces in the home. Dekton offers functionality and reliability as well as beauty, here’s why:

The benefits of Dekton

  • When we say that Dekton is perfect for kitchen worktops, we really mean it. It’s heat-resistant so you can place hot pans and trays straight onto the surface without a second thought. 


  • Dekton worktops are also scratch and stain-resistant so they’re super low maintenance and easy to clean. Their non-porous quality means that they won’t absorb any spillages or harbour harmful germs, so you can simply wipe your beautiful surfaces with a soapy, wet cloth and it’ll look like new!


  • Dekton is also UV resistant so it won’t fade or discolour. This makes it an ideal material to use for any outdoor areas, or if your kitchen sees a lot of light throughout the day. Whether you have a large or small counter space, Dekton is available in large sizes because it’s an engineered stone that can be manufactured into a range of high-quality slab sizes.


  • Plus, Dekton is available in a variety of thicknesses, colours, and styles. Whatever your interior design style is, there will be a Dekton worktop just right for you. If you want a traditional or contemporary look, Dekton surfaces can support this.

The challenges of Dekton

One aspect you should be mindful of when considering Dekton worktops is that they are vulnerable to chips. This is only the case when they’re put under excessive pressure or weight, which is quite unlikely. This is one slight disadvantage out of many positive traits of Dekton – but it is good to be wary of this factor.


Dekton is ultimately a beautiful and durable worktop that offers a range of beneficial qualities. It’s available in a range of colours and patterns, sizes and styles, and therefore is easy to find a Dekton worktop that is the perfect fit for your home!


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