The design of your kitchen is entirely up to you. It’s your space and there’s often so much that can be done with a kitchen, no matter how big or small it is.

When designing a kitchen, there’s an array of important decisions to make, including what your worktops will be made out of and what colours and styles they will be.

Quartz is a popular choice of kitchen worktop and for a good reason. They’re incredibly durable because they’re an ‘engineered stone’. In other words, they’re man-made. Their toughness means that they’re a worthy long-term investment and perfect for busy areas in the home. Their timeless appearance also makes them a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a painting project for your quartz countertops, here are our recommendations.


Should I paint quartz countertops?

You can paint your quartz countertops, but whether you should is a different question. We’ve put together a few suggestions that we highly recommend you consider before you go ahead with painting.


Quartz is non-porous

Quartz is a non-porous surface which essentially means that it’s waterproof and doesn’t absorb liquids into its surface. This is a great characteristic to have in bathrooms and kitchens, but it means that paint won’t fully settle into the quartz because it will sit on the surface instead. This means that quartz won’t retain the colour of the paint you choose.


You have to sand the surface before painting

Sanding is the best way to prepare a surface to paint, and quartz doesn’t sand easily. The paint would stick poorly and most likely look worse on the quartz as a result.


The results may not look professional

It’s a fact that if you paint quartz with no prior experience, it won’t look as good as a professional job. Improper painting techniques can leave visible marks and streaks. Compared to quartz kitchen worktops, painted quartz doesn’t look as sophisticated or sleek.


Difficult to maintain

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you cook, eat, and socialise. This makes it a busy area that’s always in use, and if you’ve used low-grade paint or the countertop hasn’t absorbed the coat of paint properly, the paint can fade and become discoloured.

Quartz worktops are inherently low-maintenance surfaces. The way they are manufactured means they don’t need to be regularly sealed, and spillages are simply wiped away with a cloth in soap and warm water as quartz is stain-resistant. Quartz is also heat and scratch-resistant. Quartz is a material that can withstand everyday wear and tear but if you paint it, its tough qualities are muted. 


Short lifespan

Unlike unpainted quartz counters, painted quartz will eventually chip away. The paint won’t be absorbed into the surface because of its non-porous quality. So, to keep them looking pristine, you’d have to paint them regularly.


Alternatives to painting quartz

If you desperately want to revamp your kitchen space, consider painting your cabinets instead of your worktops. They will most likely be made out of a material that the paint will absorb into and stay looking fresh.

You could also repaint your walls and include a feature wall that becomes the new focus of your kitchen. There’s a range of colours that suit quartz colours and finishes, it’s just about finding the right ones. This way, your kitchen can assume a new appearance while your counters stay looking sparkling and elegant.


How Mo’s StoneX can help

Alternatively, if you’re specifically looking to reinvent your quartz worktops, Mo’s StoneX can do just that. With over ten years of experience supplying, manufacturing, and installing a range of premium countertop materials, we’re confident that we can transform your home environment in a professional way.

Our friendly, expert team will guide you from the designing stages right until installing your new quartz countertops. We’re here to help you create your dream quartz kitchen from start to finish.

Fill out our online enquiry form for a free quote today, or get in touch with our team to get started with transforming your quartz work surfaces!