Can Quartz Worktops Be Repaired?

One of the biggest selling points of quartz worktops is that you know you are investing in a hard-wearing and long-lasting product. Quartz worktop repairs should not be something you find yourself searching for help on very often, if at all. The main reason for this is: quartz countertops are very durable and the natural stone makes them incredibly hard, meaning it takes a lot of force to chip or crack a worktop made of this stunning material. However, should you find yourself in need of a kitchen worktop repair, our team here at Mo’s Stone X have you covered.


Quartz Worktop Chip Repair

If you do end up with a chipped or cracked quartz worktop, if the damaged area is not too large, you can look at repairing the worktop yourself using our advice. However, if the crack is considerably long or quite deep, we strongly suggest enrolling the services of repair specialists who know how to properly repair the damage and have specialist equipment for dealing with quartz. Getting the professionals in to do the repair is something that we advise regardless of the extent of damage anyway just to ensure you receive a high-quality fix.


How To Repair Chipped Quartz Worktop

If you are wanting to opt for a DIY repair, the first step is to ensure the damaged area is clear, clean and dry. Dust the area down and then spray and wipe it clean using an ammonia-based cleaning solution, this will ensure the crack or chip is free of any dust, dirt or grease. Once you have cleaned the damaged area, use a gentle detergent to wipe the area as some cleaning products can leave an abrasive that can create further damage to the worktop. Allow the area to dry before you carry on with the repairs. The next step is to mark around the area using masking tape or painting tape, this makes it easier to apply the adhesive only on the damaged area, giving you a level and clean finish. It will also prevent unnecessary stains and spills on your quartz surface.

Super Glue Or Pigmented Epoxy

Once these steps have been completed, the next step is to use adhesive to fill in and level out the cracks or chips. We strongly advise industrial-strength glue to ensure you get the best repair. The colour of your quartz determines whether you should use super glue or pigmented epoxy – a lighter-toned quartz requires superglue, whereas a darker shade of quartz will need pigmented epoxy so the difference in shade is not apparent on the worktop surface. Apply your adhesive in thin layers using a clean dry paintbrush, this will allow you to gradually fill in the damaged area without being too excessive and makes it easier to level out your solution to the work surface. Once the crack or chip is filled in, leave the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours to be safe. Once it has dried, sand down the area with 600 grit sandpaper, using circular motions as this will give you a natural and neat finish that will blend in with the texture of the worktop. However, with all of this said, we still strongly recommend consulting the professionals when it comes to repairs as you want to ensure you get the countertop looking as good as new.


Chemical Stains

How to repair chemical damage to quartz worktops is another question that pops up from time to time. Just like the high strength of the material, quartz is also renowned because it is less porous, meaning it has a higher resistance to most chemicals, but there are some chemicals with higher concentrations and acidity that can (rarely) cause some damage. Like with using glue to fill in any minor cracks, if the chemical damage is not too extensive, you can look at attempting a DIY repair. To repair chemical stains yourself, make a paste by mixing a few tablespoons of baking soda with water. Apply the paste to the stained area and leave it to soak for a few minutes, then wipe it away using a clean and soft cloth. This home remedy is gentle enough that it will not damage your quartz worktops but should do the trick at lifting even the toughest of stains. That being said, if you have a largely stained area, or you simply do not want to risk it, there’s no shame in contacting the experts. Quartz is a gorgeous material and a brilliant addition to any kitchen or bathroom space, so be sure to get any repairs completed properly if you encounter any damages.

How Mo’s StoneX can help

If you purchase your quartz worktops through Mo’s Stone X, you are guaranteed top-grade quartz that is of the highest quality, so the chances of any damages will be extremely minimal. If you browse our quartz range you can have a read of the benefits of choosing our quartz and handpick from our different quartz finishes. Plus, if you have our experts install quartz worktops for you, you are guaranteed a perfect finish and we offer a fantastic 25 year warranty. If you arrange a home consultation or visit our showroom we can assist with suggesting the best quartz style for your kitchen or bathroom project, and if you end up deciding quartz is not for you, we also have a fantastic range of dekton worktops and granite worktops to choose from too. Feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote.